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Where does Tyrann Mathieu go from here?

A week ago, LSU suspended their star corner Tyrann Mathieu from the team. Mathieu was the face of the team and a Heisman hopeful; however, this is his second disciplinary action in less than a year. He was suspended in October of 2011 for one game. Less than a year later, he is kicked off the team. Because of privacy laws, LSU cannot officially disclose the issue, but sources close to the program have revealed that both issues were for positive tests for marijuana.

So what happens now? If Mathieu were to transfer to an FBS school, he would have sit out the entire year. He has looked at enrolling at an FCS school, which would allow him to play this year. Today, reports surfaced that Mathieu has decided to sit out the 2012 football season and enter a drug rehabilitation facility.

As far as 2013, Mathieu seems to want to stay at LSU. Right now, LSU does not seem to be interested, but they could change their mind before the 2013 season. Mathieu could alos transfer to an FBS school, since he sat out 2012. My guess is that Mathieu will declare for the 2013 NFL draft. Will a team risk a first round pick on a player with Mathieu’s history? Probably not, but it only takes one team to believe they can make it work. Janoris Jenkins had a similar past, was dismissed from Florida, enrolled at North Alabama and then was drafted in the second round of the 2012 draft by the St. Louis Rams.

Assuming Mathieu declares for the 2013 draft, I see him as a second or third round pick. Even before his dismissal, I had him as my #5 ranked draft eligible corner. For all the hype, he’s not a shutdown corner. When you watch tape of him, he has sloppy footwork and he gets beat more often than you would think. He is not a Darrelle Revis type player that you can put in one on one coverage and expect him to shutout the other team’s top receiver.  What he does have is fantastic ball skills. When the ball is in his hands, he is a threat to take it to the house. He is also an emotional player that has the ability to fire up the rest of his team. He is a very good blitzer when he’s lined up as a slot corner and is a dynamic punt returner with an uncanny ability to make a big return when his team is flat and behind on the scoreboard. When he is allowed to freelance, he can be a disruptive force, but he would need to be in a scheme that allows him the freedom to make plays.

The next few months will be key for Tyrann Mathieu. He does not have to make a decision about the draft until January. He needs to take the time to get his life straight and not worry about football for now.

Written by Dwayne Wilton



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