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Monthly Archives: September, 2012

Scouting Report – Michigan vs Notre Dame

I have to admit I like to watch Denard Robinson play. He is probably the most exciting player in the country. I’ve also gotta say his passing motion is about … Continue reading

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Scouting Report – USC vs. Stanford

Six years ago, teams like Stanford, Rice and Vanderbilt had problems getting top notch talent. The schools have such high academic standards, it was difficult to find players that were … Continue reading

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Scouting Report – Georgia vs. Missouri

This was one of two games in the spotlight last weekend. Missouri and Texas A&M were both playing in their first SEC game and many people wanted to see how … Continue reading

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Scouting Report – Georgia Tech vs Virginia Tech

For three quarters neither offensive team was able to do much, then things got entertaining. Virginia Tech QB Logan Thomas is my preseason #3 ranked draft eligible QB, but he … Continue reading

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Scouting Report – North Carolina State vs Tennessee

This was billed as a game between two NFL caliber quarterbacks; Mike Glennon (NC State) and Tyler Bray (Tennessee). For half of the first quarter it was, and then Bray … Continue reading

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